MELANIE MAR is a developer & designer currently living and creating in Los Angeles, California. Before designing homes, Melanie was a successful matchmaker for exclusive clients, public figures and celebrities. Her conceptual home designs are built by utilizing her expertise in relationships and fashion to mold them into beautiful, sophisticated pieces of work.

Born in England, Melanie grew up with a love for horses, competing professionally in show jumping from a young age and later, in dressage. Her passion for fashion and modeling as a teenager compelled her to move to Los Angeles at the age of 21 where she instantly felt at home – It was here where she realized that she had a gift for helping others.

Melanie continues to go horse riding, finds peace at the ocean and loves spending time with her family. She is an advocate of caring for others in her community; she volunteers at local hospices where she and her therapy dog are able to uplift and help others. This led her to study the subject that consumes and fascinates her today: love


A unique methodology

Melanie works by teaching clients how to avoid negative and self-destructive thought and speech patterns to empower them further in achieving their life goals. Her linguistic tools teach how to communicate one’s needs and desires to others in a non-threatening, respectful, yet cherishing manner. She brings people to re-discover their full sense of self-esteem and restore positive mental & physical health within themselves.